“Going eCarbon Neutral installs Solar In Schools”

The GENISIS Project welcomes the Sedona Charter School of Sedona, AZ. Check out their Solar Project here.

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How GENiSIS Works

The GENiSIS Project is designed to educate students, citizens, households, and businesses, big and small, on how to mitigate the effects of Global Warming at the community level.

The GENiSIS Project theme is teaching CALCULATE-REDUCE-OFFSET™ as a real way to STOP Global Warming and build sustainability into our public schools. Use our eCarbon Calculator to CALCULATE your carbon footprint. Get the latest tips on how to REDUCE your carbon footprint from experts in the field. Then Go eCarbon Neutral - OFFSET the carbon emissions you can't reduce by purchasing eCarbon Offsets™.

100% of funds generated from the purchase of GENiSIS eCarbon Offsets goes to install solar or a suitable renewable energy system in the participating school of your choice.

The GENiSIS Project is a Triple Win -

 ♦ A win for the climate protection
 ♦ A win for students, citizens, business
 ♦ A win for public schools